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As an "Engineered Systems Distributor", MFS Systems is able to engineer new Notifier fire alarm systems, upgrade systems at the end of lifecycle, execute the installation of a robust system, and offer testing, maintenance & repair services.  MFS Systems can manage your integration of a Notifier fire alarm system with other building systems, coordinate with the fire marshal, fire alarm inspectors, and fire protection engineer (FPE).  As a verified Notifier ESD in Southern New Jersey, MFS Systems has full access to the complete line of Honeywell products including: Onyx NFS Fire Alarm Control Panels, Onyxworks workstations, Firewarden Panels, Honeywell Analytics Flame Detectors & wireless gas detection, Pyrotector, Digital Voice Mass Notification and Voice Evacuation Systems. Also included are: System Sensor and Wheelock notification appliances (fire alarm horns & strobes, mass notification speakers, chimes, & sounders) and VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) Laser detectors by Xtralis.  We are very excited to offer this extensive product line in the Southern New Jersey area.  Learn more here:


Notifier News:

  1. Introducing SWIFT (Smart Wireless Integrated Fire Technology) - NOTIFIER’s SWIFT wireless mesh is integrated with current ONYX panels to create flexible wired/wireless intelligent fire detection. SWIFT Wireless devices are similar in appearance to corresponding intelligent FlashScan wired devices, and have the capabilities of ONYX intelligent sensing. A robust SWIFT wireless mesh network uses a unique protocol with redundant supervised communication paths that is UL approved for Class A operation.
  2. NOTIFIER Customer Experience Center - Notifier customers can visit The Notifier USA manufacturing corporate headquarters and see firsthand what goes on behind the scenes of your investment. At the Notifier Customer Experience, you will see ALL facets of Notifier: customer service, manufacturing, engineering and marketing.
  3. NOTIFIER ONYX Systems Received UL 2572 Approval - NOTIFIER ONYX systems have been tested and approved to the UL 2572 standard, certifying the equipment for use in ECS (Emergency Communications Systems) and MNS (Mass Notification System) solutions, including combined ECS/MNS and fire systems.
  4. NOTIFIER announces the release of Intelligent FAAST (Video Video image small) - Intelligent FAAST is the prodigy of the aspirating smoke detection world. The only aspirating smoke detector that can integrate directly to our fire alarm control panels, FAAST connects to the fire system loop just like any other detection device. FAAST also provides Modbus/TCP communication, allowing seamless integration with building management systems. These unique capabilities greatly simplify installation and management, reduce cost and complexity, and make aspirating smoke detection a more valuable investment over time.
  5. NOTIFIER announces launch of the IPGSM-4G Dual Path 4G Communicator - The IPGSM-4G commercial fire alarm communicator is used to upgrade a commercial fire system that had previously reported to the central station by phone lines (POTS), to a system that can report via the Internet or a 4G cellular network.
  6. NOTIFIER Protects National Treasures, Space Shuttle Among Them - NOTIFIER by Honeywell announces its current fire alarm system protecting the priceless treasures housed within the California Science Center in Los Angeles, has been expanded to cover the Samuel Oschin Space Shuttle Endeavour Display Pavilion – temporary home of the newly retired Space Shuttle Endeavour.
  7. NOTIFIER Announces First Command Emergency Communications System (ECS) - This Emergency Communications Systems (ECS) solution will enable you to meet or exceed the ECS and Mass Notification needs of small to medium, standalone applications such as churches, warehouses, theaters, military bases or other installations that do not require a networkable solution.


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